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GEBETEX has its own structure for the classification of textiles. This is an essential step to have the least possible losses on the products collected. Staff are trained to judge the quality of a product at a quick glance and introduce it into the recycling chain corresponding to its condition.

95% of sorted textiles are recovered and recovered. The remaining 5% are energetically valued.

Sorting of quality clothes & textiles

GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE is an authorized sorting center located in Vernon (Department of Eure). It is thus at the gates of Paris and for an optimal distribution that we sort the arrivals via the parent company GEBETEX COLLECTE.

We are a center approved by eco-friendly ECO TLC.

GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE sorting 20 tons of textile per day.

GEBETEX offers to the second hand, the wiper and the recycler the following categories :

We are able to adapt to specific situations and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Sorting is done manually and follows two steps

he first sort is to separate the textiles according to the following categories:

The second sort resumes more finely the previous categories. Throughout this sorting chain, the values dear to the company (respect for the environment and working conditions, industrial and financial solvency, traceability …) are applied both internally and externally.


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GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE treats more than 4,000 tons of textile per year. These textiles are oriented towards carefully selected dies to guarantee an optimal treatment.

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As this activity is a source of labor, GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE wants to create permanent jobs, and in FRANCE. She also wants to participate in the employment of people in difficulty through her supplier GEBETEX COLLECTE.

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GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE is active in raising public awareness and promoting citizen action: the collection and sorting of used consumer goods (including textiles) has a major environmental impact.


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