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GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE is a Franco-Dutch company born from the alliance between the founders of GEBETEX and the Dutch group BOER.

Located in the heart of Normandy in Vernon, Eure, GEBETEX companies are at the gates of Paris for optimal distribution and collection.

This association allows us to combine vision and knowledge of the French market with Dutch expertise to guarantee you a high quality product.


GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE is a sorting center approved by the ECO TLC eco-organization.

He sorted 20 tons of textile a day. Composed of 20 employees in fixed-term contracts (CDI), GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE guarantees production stability in quality and volume throughout the year.

GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE completely masters its supply to guarantee a quality product. The sorting center is supplied via its parent company GEBETEX COLLECTE with trucks from all French regions in order to maintain a stable, homogeneous and varied product.

Photographie de M. Jean-Mayeul BOURGEOIS , Gérant Associé

Jean-Mayeul BOURGEOIS 
Managing Partner



Photographie de M. Paul-Antoine BOURGEOIS, Gérant Associé

Paul-Antoine BOURGEOIS 
Managing Partner