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From the extra to the vintage Retro

Since 2015, and with the century-old experience of the Boer Group, GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE is your wholesaler in thrift.
With a stable and carefully trained team, Gebetex Tri Normandie is able to provide the necessary textiles for your warehouses, stores and markets.

We can deliver from 25kg to several tens of tons !
After study, we will offer the most relevant transport to guarantee you the lowest possible delivery time.


Extra is the high end of our production. This product is intended to supply French and European thrift stores.

To guarantee the quality, these products are sorted a first time before undergoing various quality controls (state, mode, etc …).

In order to maintain a very stable quality, the textiles are followed very rigorously. That’s why, thanks to individual training, each person doing the sorting is able to adapt to the demand.

Retro vintage

This product meets the wishes of a clientele that seeks to distinguish itself from the current fashion or nostalgic of the previous modes.

“Retro” or “vintage” clothing undergoes checks and traceability identical to those of “second-hand” clothing. They are of course conditioned in the same way