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Buy clothes by the kilo for your thrift store anywhere in France

The sale of second-hand clothes by the kilo is an activity that is very successful with fashion professionals. Indeed, it allows thrift stores and second-hand stores to stock up on second-hand clothing at competitive prices while offering a wide variety of styles and brands to their customers. Do you own a second-hand shop and want to stock up on used clothes by the kilo? Gebetex Tri Normandie is the partner you need.

Gebetex Tri Normandie: a partner of choice for thrift stores

If you are the owner of a thrift store and are looking for a wholesaler for your purchases of thrift clothes by the kilo, Gebetex Tri Normandie is a partner of choice. Our sorting center, approved by the eco-organization ECO TLC, is a major player in sustainable development in the textile industry. With more than 20 tons of textiles sorted per day, we can provide you with different ranges of second-hand clothes per kilo, throughout the year, everywhere in France.

Quality second-hand clothes sold by the kilo

Second-hand clothes are second-hand clothes, sorted and selected according to quality and trend criteria, sold by weight. With more than 4,000 tons of textiles sorted per year, at Gebetex Tri Normandie we have constant stocks.

We offer different products to supply your store:

  • Clothing: jeans, dresses, sweaters, t-shirts…
  • Shoes: sneakers, boots, sandals…
  • Leather goods: belts, handbags…
  • Household linen: sheets, towels, tablecloths, curtains…

You can also choose from the various product lines, whether for seasons (summer, winter) or gender (men, women, children).

All the products offered by Gebetex Tri Normandie follow a controlled sorting process. They are sorted by hand, several times, by a permanent team of 20 employees, trained and hired on permanent contracts, in order to guarantee a selection of products of irreproachable and constant quality for your second-hand clothes purchases by the kilo. So you can be sure to find products in excellent condition for your thrift store.

It should be noted that when second-hand clothes are in poor condition or of insufficient quality to be able to be resold in a shop (t-shirt with holes, stained pants, damaged shoes, etc.), these are sent to the recycling process for be valued. Textiles will therefore be transformed and will experience a second life, for example as raw materials, insulation or fuels.

Fast delivery everywhere in France

Whether your shop is located in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse… we guarantee you a tracked delivery, as soon as possible. Packaged in parcels on pallets, deliveries are carefully prepared by our team.

For occasional delivery (troubleshooting, testing, etc.) or regular orders, please note that we deliver from only 100kg up to several hundred kilos. This formula allows you to buy large quantities of clothing at advantageous prices, while offering a wide variety of styles and brands to your customers.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department to find out more about delivery, prices, etc. Or to order.

Do you run a thrift store and are you looking for a wholesaler for your thrift purchases by the kilo? Contact us!

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