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Buying clothes in batches from a wholesaler for his thrift store

Are you looking for a trusted partner to supply your thrift store with batches of second-hand textiles? Clothes, shoes, leather goods, linens… Our sorting center is the ideal supplier and can deliver lots of clothes to you anywhere in France!

Quality textiles for resale

In order for your used products to sell quickly and at the right price, they must be beyond reproach. At Gebetex Tri Normandie, the sorting of the different arrivals of second-hand clothes is done by hand, by trained and qualified people.

Our team, made up of around twenty people on permanent contracts, sorts the different second-hand clothes with the greatest care and several times. These multiple checks thus ensure a high quality of textiles for your second-hand clothing store, whatever the category of merchandise you choose: clothing (jeans, pants, dress, t-shirt, etc.), shoes (sneakers, sandals, boots. ..), leather goods (bags, accessories such as belts…), household linen (sheets, tablecloths, curtains…), etc. Sometimes it happens that fashion items like brand name clothes or brand new products slip into our bulk second hand bundles.

Shipping of textile batches

We deliver all over France from only 100 kg and up to several tons. All our shipments are tracked, and shipments are meticulously prepared by our teams, in parcels on pallets. You can therefore order the quantity of textiles in batches that you need, for a repair or test order for example, or for a regular supply. Know that we have a wide choice of second-hand clothes in batches, depending on the season or the genre.

It should be noted that we also have a service for the international export of batches of clothing and other ranges of second-hand clothes.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information on our offers or a free personalized quote.

Why use a textile wholesaler like Gebetex Tri Normandie?

With more than 4,000 tonnes of textiles sorted per year, our company processes the equivalent of 20 tonnes of second-hand clothes per day, all ranges combined: men’s, women’s, children’s, clothing, shoes… Our stocks are substantial and constant, which gives you ensures a year-round supply of clothing and other second-hand clothes. Choosing Gebetex Tri Normandie means choosing a trusted wholesaler for wholesale purchases of your thrift store, wherever it is located and whatever its form: store, online store, sale on the markets…

We are second-hand textile professionals and we have recognized know-how for many years in this field. Many customers trust us today, and we are committed to developing real partnership relationships.

Lots of quality clothing, shoes and leather goods, sorted and selected by trained teams and delivered through shipments monitored throughout France, are all arguments that we can put forward to guarantee you a quality service.

Looking for a supplier to buy batches of clothing? Please contact us!

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