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How to find the ideal clothing wholesaler for your second-hand store?

Are you the owner of a thrift store and are you looking for a reliable, quality supplier to supply your store in large quantities? With Gebetex Tri, you are in the right place!

Why use a clothing wholesaler for your thrift store?

Purchasing wholesale clothing from a specialist supplier is a strategic step for any fashion store, and even more so in the second-hand clothing sector. In fact, sourcing through a wholesaler allows you to obtain a variety of products, from vintage dresses to contemporary jeans, at competitive prices. This gives you the advantage of being able to offer your customers a wide range of quality items while maintaining attractive margins for your second-hand store.

In addition, a professional wholesaler guarantees a reliable and efficient delivery service, thus simplifying inventory and order management. Buying in bulk also allows a significant reduction in costs related to the carrier and the overall amount of the purchase, which has a positive impact on the resale price of the items.

The criteria to take into account when choosing your clothing wholesaler

Finding the best supplier of clothing, or other second-hand clothes, is not just a simple online search on Google. Several important criteria should guide your choice.

The quality of the textiles offered is essential to satisfy customers who are increasingly attentive to the products they buy. A good wholesaler must offer a range of clothing of superior quality, whether for women, men or children.

The seriousness of the company, its experience in the sector and the diversity of the products offered, both in terms of brands and styles, are all factors to consider. The conditions of sale, such as ordering and payment terms, as well as delivery times or after-sales service, are also key elements in choosing the right clothing supplier for your second-hand store.

Gebetex Tri: the ideal partner for second-hand stores throughout France

Gebetex Tri Normandie is a partner of choice for fashion boutiques looking for a wholesaler specializing in the sale of second-hand clothing by the kilo. Our sorting center approved by ECO TLC, the eco-organization of the textile industry, is based in Vernon, in Normandy.

Every day, we process 20 tonnes of textiles, the majority of which comes from our Gebetex Collection network and is directly transported to our logistics platform. Sorting is done manually and takes place in two stages. The first is to separate textiles into different categories. The second step further refines these categories. Textiles that are not of good enough quality are sent to the recycling sector to be revalorized.

At Gebetex Tri Normandie, we understand the importance of variety for our partners. This is why we offer for sale lots of second-hand clothes containing shirts, sweaters, pants, etc. for adults and children, but also leather goods accessories and household linen.

For your wholesale clothing orders, nothing could be simpler: simply contact our sales department! Our responsive team is available to answer all your questions and can provide you with a quote tailored to your needs. Concerning delivery, our company delivers everywhere in France, from 100 kg of second-hand clothes.

By choosing Gebetex Tri Normandie as your supplier, you are choosing an experienced partner, capable of offering you quality products and an unrivaled purchasing experience, for the greatest pleasure of your customers.

Would you like to know how to find the ideal clothing wholesaler? Contact us!

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