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Leather goods wholesaler: bags, leather accessories and much more

Are you looking for a leather goods wholesaler for your second-hand shop? At Gebetex Tri, we are committed to providing our customers with a full range of quality products. Whether you’re looking for a women’s handbag, a men’s toiletry bag or any other leather goods item, we’ve got you covered!

Gebetex Tri: your leather goods wholesaler

Our ambition, as a leather goods wholesaler, is to offer a wide range of high quality products, available wholesale. Our product bundles offer a wide variety: shoulder bags, handbags, shopping bags… and much more. Our selection covers all styles and materials, from leather to synthetics. Sometimes, a few branded items also slip into our second-hand clothing batches.

Our leather goods range is not only limited to bags, we also find accessories such as purses, clutches, messenger bags, toilet bags, belts… which are fashion essentials. In addition to leather goods, know that Gebetex Tri offers bales of textiles, shoes, as well as household linen, which makes us a versatile wholesaler for all your second-hand clothes needs.

Quality products and prompt delivery

As a leather goods wholesaler, we understand that quality and price are crucial factors for our professional customers. This is why we strive to offer products of impeccable quality. For this, a team of around twenty employees trained and hired on permanent contracts, sorts more than 20 tons of second-hand clothing (textiles, shoes, leather goods and linens) daily.

When second-hand clothes are not of good enough quality to be resold, they are sent to the recycling sector, where they will undergo a transformation and will experience a second life: wiping rags or fuel for industry, raw material, insulation. ..

Regarding orders, we offer delivery throughout France, from 100 kg minimum and up to several hundred kilos. You therefore have the option of placing emergency or test orders, such as regular orders for the constant supply of your second-hand shop.

Our logistics team ensures that each order is carefully packed and shipped within the time frame set together. We package the products in packages on pallets. Our deliveries are tracked, fast and efficient, allowing you to respond quickly to your customers’ needs.

Why choose Gebetex Tri as a leather goods wholesaler?

Our commitment to quality, a large number of products and our dedicated sales department make us the leather goods wholesaler of choice for many second-hand fashion professionals. Whether you are a thrift store, an online store, a market seller… you can count on us to meet your second-hand clothing needs. And this, whatever your location: Paris, Lille, Toulouse, Marseille…

We understand that every customer has unique needs, which is why we have a diverse range of pre-owned products available to you: from bags and shoes to textiles and linens.

Our objective as a leather goods wholesaler is to provide a complete and qualitative service to our customers. With a wide range of second-hand clothes available, competitive prices and fast delivery, Gebetex Tri is the ideal partner for all your second-hand leather goods needs. Contact our sales department to find out more or get a free quote!

Need a leather goods wholesaler for your thrift store? Contact us!

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