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Paris thrift shop wholesaler

Do you own a thrift shop in the Paris region or in another region, and you are looking for a wholesaler ? We can meet your different needs in textiles ! We are a sorting center located in Normandy and we deliver thrift stores from all over France ! Trust a structure at the gates of Paris, responsive and with a constant stock!

A wide range of textiles

As a wholesaler, we offer many ranges of textiles for your secondhand shop in Paris. With a consistent and consistent stock, we can meet the majority of requests from thrift stores in France. We distribute several ranges such as extra, vintage retro but also leather goods or shoes. By trusting Gebetex Tri Normandie, you will find the wholesaler partner for your thrift shop in Paris !

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Quality and traceability

From the control during the arrivals of textiles, to the follow-up of our shipments, we assure you a constant quality ! All our shipments are drawn so that you can be delivered in the best possible conditions. Our different textiles are also subject to several checks to ensure quality products to market in your Parisian thrift shop.

Sustainable jobs in France

Our activity requires a large workforce, we strive to create sustainable jobs to provide you with optimal service and quality ! It’s part of our values !


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Trust a wholesaler in Paris and contact us for all your needs !

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