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Price of a bale of thrift store in France

Do you want to supply your second-hand store with quality clothes, shoes or leather goods? Our sorting centre in Vernon, Normandy, has the solution!

More than 4,000 tonnes of textiles sorted per year

We process and sort more than 20T of clothing, leather goods and shoes per day, i.e. more than 4,000 tonnes per year. The sorting is done by hand, in several stages and with qualified personnel trained in the trade, which ensures a constant and irreproachable quality of the products we offer.

Delivery throughout France

Whatever your needs, we can meet them! An emergency order, a trial, a stock order to face the season … from 100 Kg to several tons, we can supply your second-hand clothes shop in summer or winter range, with clothes for women, men and children.

How much does a bale of clothing cost ?

There is no universal answer to this question. The price of a bale of thrift store clothing will vary according to different elements:

  • the type of textile: shoes, clothes, leather goods
  • the product range: summer or winter season, women, men or children
  • the weight of the bale

To this price must be added the transport costs, which will also vary according to the weight of the bale and its destination.

How can we supply you ?

We do not ship bales to thrift stores in France, but rather use a boxed and palletized package. From 100kg to several hundred kilos, all our shipments are carefully prepared and packed in this way. You can also track your order via our tracking labels and thus anticipate the delivery of your goods easily.

Do you want to stock your thrift store in France? Contact us!

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