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Thrift wholesaler Angers

Do you own a thrift store in Angers or its nearby area in the Pays de Loire? E-commerce, shop in town, sale on the markets, whatever the model of your business, our second-hand textile sorting center can supply you with quality second-hand clothing!

Who are we ?

Gebetex Tri Normandie is a sorting center located in Vernon, Normandy. With more than 4,000 tons of textiles sorted per year, we guarantee you constant and varied stocks all year round. Clothing, shoes, leather goods, in summer or winter range, for women, men and children, we can deliver from 100 kg only. We also offer linens!

The textile that we recover is sorted several times and by hand by our teams, in order to ensure you an irreproachable quality of product. Clothing and other textiles that are not in good enough condition to be resold in your thrift store in Angers or its sector, will automatically be directed to other channels, such as recycling.

Supply of your thrift store in Angers and in the Pays de la Loire region

Angers, Nantes, Le Mans, Laval,… regardless of the location of your second-hand clothing store in the Pays de la Loire region, we can deliver to you and from only 100 kg. Our shipments are carefully prepared, on pallets in parcels.

All our deliveries are tracked in order to provide you with quality service. You will be able to anticipate the delivery of your order and organize yourself as well as possible.

“Repair” order, need to test our offer or to make a stock order for the season, as a real wholesaler and partner of your thrift store, we can supply you with up to several hundred kilos of products. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department who will come back to you with a proposal adapted to your needs.

Are you looking for a wholesaler for your thrift store in Angers or in the Pays de la Loire region? Contact our sorting center!

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