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Wholesale clothing for professionals

Looking for a wholesaler for your thrift store or second-hand online store? Discover Gebetex Tri, the trusted partner you need! With a wide range of products and delivery throughout France, supplying your business will become child’s play.

The advantages of selling wholesale clothing for professionals

Wholesale clothing sales prove to be an advantageous strategy for fashion professionals, and in particular for second-hand ready-to-wear stores.

Benefits include:

  • A wide range of products: benefit from a selection of quality products, ranging from clothing for women, men and children, to accessories such as shoes and small leather goods (handbags, belts, etc.), as well as household linen. This diversity allows stores to effectively respond to the varied needs and tastes of their customers, while following the latest market trends.
  • Attractive prices: purchasing in bulk allows you to obtain more competitive prices. This is because purchasing parts in large quantities from a wholesaler significantly reduces the price per unit, providing a higher profit margin for resellers.
  • A complete and reliable service: working with a reliable supplier guarantees fast delivery and quality service, essential to maintaining a lasting partnership and satisfied customers.

By calling on Gebetex Tri, and thanks to our many years of experience, you will be able to benefit from all these advantages.

Gebetex Tri: a varied offer and competitive prices

Gebetex Tri positions itself as a partner of choice for second-hand clothes professionals. Specializing in the sale of second-hand clothes by the kilo, our company offers an advantageous solution for second-hand shops and resellers looking for quality products at competitive prices.

Our selection includes clothing for everyone: women, men, and children, as well as shoes and accessories, as well as household linen. Our clothing bundles include a wide variety of products, of all sizes and brands: jeans, pants, dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets…

Each piece is carefully selected to meet the demanding quality criteria that we have defined. Before being offered to our customers, our items go through several levels of sorting and are subject to rigorous quality controls:

  • An initial sorting is carried out to divide the items into different categories: clothing, home textiles, shoes, leather items, textiles to be recycled.
  • A second sorting then makes it possible to refine the selection within each category, to carry out in-depth checks on the quality of the products and to direct the textile waste towards the appropriate recycling channel.

This item selection process is meticulously carried out by hand by our team of twenty professionals. It is important to emphasize that all our employees benefit from adequate training and are hired under permanent contracts (CDI), thus guaranteeing constant and flawless quality.

We are committed to providing second-hand stores with high-quality products, meeting the demanding expectations of their customers and promoting more responsible and sustainable fashion.

Do you want to buy wholesale clothing for your thrift store? Contact Gebetex Tri!

If purchasing wholesale clothing for your business or second-hand store is an important issue for you, Gebetex Tri is the supplier you need. We not only offer high quality products and a wide range of choices, but also very favorable prices. Our team is at your disposal for any questions or specific requests regarding our offers or to place an order for bales of second-hand clothes.

At Gebetex Tri, we are proud to contribute to the success of our professional customers by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs. Whether you are looking for men’s clothing for winter, women’s clothing for summer, or even children’s clothing, our bales of second-hand clothes per kilo will meet all your needs. Please note that we offer a delivery service throughout France, for an order of at least 100 kg of second-hand clothes.

To find out more about our offers and services or to discuss your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for a wholesale clothing partner? Contact us!

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