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Wholesale shoes Aubervilliers

Are you looking for wholesale shoes for your shop, thrift store or online store in the Aubervilliers area, in the Paris region? Do you know Gebetex Tri Normandie? We are a sorting centre specialising in second-hand textiles and we supply professionals in the second-hand sector throughout the Ile de France and the rest of the country.

Lots of shoes for women, men and children

Place an order for wholesale shoe lots from 100 kg and up to several hundred kilos if necessary. You will find different types of shoes in our packages: trainers, sandals, boots, pumps, sports shoes, … sometimes with big brands! The shoes we offer are of high quality and can be resold without any problem in your second hand shop or textile shop. The sorting is done manually and in several stages: a guarantee of quality.

Our teams are trained and experienced in sorting clothes, shoes and leather goods to provide you only with products in perfect condition. Shoes that cannot be resold (damaged, stained, with holes) will automatically be directed to other channels.

All our shipments are “traced” so that you can follow in real time the routing of your order between our sorting centre and your shop in Aubervilliers. Carefully packed, we make it a point of honour to provide you with a quality delivery service which is a very important element in our eyes.

Shoes but also clothes and leather goods

We also sort clothes and leather goods in addition to shoes and can supply your second-hand store in Aubervilliers with many products: jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, tops, … always of quality and for women, men and children.
Gebetex Tri Normandie, it’s more than 4,000 tons of sorted textile per year, and shipped all over France!

Are you looking for a shoe wholesaler in Aubervilliers for your thrift store? Contact our sorting center!

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