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Wholesalers second-hand clothes by weight

To supply your second-hand clothing store by weight, trust Gebetex Tri Normandie, your thrift store wholesaler! We sort over 4,000 tonnes of textiles per year, including clothing, footwear and leather goods. As a true partner, we assure you a constant quality and a constant stock of products. Our teams are experienced and regularly trained in clothing sorting and selection techniques.

We can deliver clothing by weight for men, women, children, of different styles depending on the fashions and seasons with winter or summer ranges. In our packages, you will find all types of products such as pants, sweatshirts, jackets, tops, … etc

Delivery throughout France

No matter where your thrift store is located, we can deliver you from 100 kilos to several tons. Our packages are carefully packaged and our shipments are tracked for quality delivery service! We deliver, for example, thrift stores in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, but also in other regions of France, in the countryside or in smaller cities.

Responsiveness and professionalism

Our team supports you in your project, whether you are looking for a new wholesaler, or want to open a new thrift store, we can meet your needs and expectations. We have been practicing this profession for many years, we have a strong experience which ensures you are dealing with a trusted partner!

Quality clothing

All the garments we collect are sorted and selected in several stages on our sorting tables. Depending on their condition, our teams will sort and direct the product to its final destination: thrift stores, raw materials, fuel, … The clothing, shoes and leather goods that we select for your thrift store therefore undergo several checks and correspond to the best quality of all the textiles recovered.

Do you want to order clothing by weight to supply your thrift store? Contact Gebetex Tri Normandie, your new wholesaler partner!

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