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Gebetex Tri: your baby clothing wholesaler for second-hand stores throughout France

The world of second-hand clothing in France has experienced considerable growth, in both the adult and baby clothing sectors. The challenge is to find quality, durable and fashionable pieces to satisfy demanding customers. For a second-hand store, sourcing is an art. So how do you buy baby clothes in bulk and ensure an attractive offer for your customers?

Buy baby clothes in bundles

Buying clothes by the kilo has many advantages for thrift stores and other second-hand stores. On the one hand, this guarantees a certain homogeneity in the quality of the products. In addition, purchasing in batches allows you to obtain better value for money, thus ensuring a satisfactory margin for the store.

To stock your thrift store, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier, who not only offers baby clothes, but also accessories, adult clothes and even household linens. This diversity will allow you to enrich your product collection and offer a complete shopping experience to your customers.

Call Gebetex Tri for a wide choice of second-hand clothes

Among the key players in the sector, Gebetex Tri Normandie stands out as the essential wholesaler for second-hand stores looking for quality. Our company, based in Normandy, offers a wide range of textiles, carefully sorted by our team trained and hired on permanent contracts. Sorting is carried out by hand, and involves several stages to guarantee our customers impeccable and consistent quality.

Whether it’s dresses or trendy sets for babies, soft cotton pajamas or pants for toddlers, Gebetex Tri has everything your second-hand store could need. Beyond our children’s range, we are proud to be able to offer diversified lots, ranging from second-hand clothing for men, to shoes for women, including accessories and leather goods products, without forgetting household linen. Sometimes, branded items slip into our clothing bundles.

Would you like to find out more about our second-hand clothing ranges or order lots of baby clothes? Contact our sales department now. Our team is available to answer all your questions and provide you with the best possible offer.

Gebetex: high product quality and available customer service

What truly makes Gebetex Tri strong is our unwavering commitment to quality. Each item we offer is rigorously selected to ensure its durability. Products whose quality is not sufficient to be resold on the second-hand market pass from our sorting center to the recycling sector. They will then be recycled depending on their material, to create new textile fibers, use for the manufacture of insulating materials, or even recovered energy.

In addition to product quality, our customer service is a pillar of our success. We understand that each thrift store has its own expectations and challenges. This is why we study your needs together, to try to provide you with all the necessary information and thus respond to all your concerns. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide a seamless experience with every interaction.

In a competitive market like thrift stores, partnering with a reliable wholesaler like Gebetex Tri is the key to success. Our wide range of quality clothing, coupled with our exceptional customer service, makes us the thrift store partner of choice. Whether you are in Paris, Aubervilliers, Marseille, Lyon… or anywhere in France, know that we deliver lots of clothing for babies and adults, from only 100kg. You are interested ? Complete our online contact form or contact us by phone!

Need a baby clothing wholesaler for your thrift store? Contact us!

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