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New horizons for the Gebetex Group

A new visual identity

Gebetex Tri, an Eco TLC approved sorting center participating in the recycling of used textiles and supplying thrift stores through its wholesaler status, is delighted to present its brand new visual identity to you.

This metamorphosis, materialized by the redesign of the logos and the introduction of a decidedly more industrial and modern typography, is part of a coherent approach of synergy with the other entities of the Dutch group Boer, of which the Gebetex group is part composed of two entities: Gebetex Tri and Gebetex Collection.

nouvelle identité visuelle du groupe Gebetex

This development allows us to further support our membership in the Boer group, while remaining faithful to the values and family roots which have always been the solid foundation of our companies. This visual transition, far from being superficial, marks a crucial stage in our journey. It harmoniously symbolizes the fusion of our family heritage with our ardent aspiration to innovate, demonstrating a perfect synergy between the present and the future.

In these dynamic times, Gebetex remains true to its heritage while enthusiastically embracing the opportunities that the future offers. We firmly believe that our new visual identity reflects this delicate balance in a poignant and contemporary way.

Construction of a new factory

We are also proud to announce a major project, which is part of this dynamic of innovation and growth: the construction of a new factory. This announcement comes after recently obtaining our building permit, paving the way for construction to begin in January 2024, with a clear ambition to begin operating the site in early 2025.

Located in Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon in Normandy, this new infrastructure will strengthen our presence in the regional territory, thus consolidating our status as a major player in the textile industry. With larger, more modern facilities, we will be able to effectively meet the growing needs of our business and the exponential demand of our loyal customers.

While embracing the industrial revolution and automation processes, we remain uncompromising in maintaining the family values and quality standards for which Gebetex Tri is renowned. Please know that Jean-Mayeul Bourgeois and Paul-Antoine Bougeois, faithful to their mission, will continue to be accessible and available contacts, thus guaranteeing transparency and proximity with our customers. In addition, our customers will always have the opportunity to visit our facilities and witness the dedication and professionalism that drives each member of our team on a daily basis.

permis de construire projet de nouvelle usine gebetex tri
projet de nouvelle usine gebetex tri en vue 3D

Job creation in Normandy

Our expansion also means a significant contribution to the local economy. With the planned creation of 50 new jobs, we reaffirm our commitment to the economic development of our territory.

If you would like to be part of our adventure, we invite you to stay connected to follow the evolution of this engaging project. Stay up to date with the latest news from our company by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on our social networks.

With Gebetex, let’s build together a future focused on sustainable development and innovation.

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