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Our textile sorting center processes more than 4,000 tonnes of textile per year

Gebetex Tri Normandie is a textile sorting center located in Vernon, in the Eure department, in Normandy. We sort the second-hand textiles that we collect through our different arrivals, from all over France.

This textile; clothing, but also shoes and leather goods, all in the range for women, men and children, represents more than 4,000 tonnes per year, or 20 tonnes processed per day! Arrivals vary according to the seasons, with summer or winter textiles, which we redistribute or revalue subsequently.

Teams trained in sorting

Gebetex Tri Normandie has more than 20 employees trained and experienced in sorting textiles and all on permanent contracts, which guarantees our customers constant and sustainable textile quality. Sorting is done manually and in several stages.

Clothing, shoes or leather goods are directed towards dedicated channels depending on their condition. Products that can be resold, and worn again, are distributed to second-hand clothing professionals: markets, thrift stores, online sales sites, etc. Those that are in too poor condition are intended to be upgraded: fraying, raw materials , insulation, fuel, rags, … the possibilities are numerous.

Delivery throughout France

For textiles, which will be oriented towards second-hand second-hand professionals, our textile sorting center can supply them from only 100 kg (and up to several tonnes) throughout France. With tracked shipments, all shipments are tracked from our center to their final delivery point. The quality of the delivery service is very important to us, and we are constantly working to optimize it and satisfy our customers.

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