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Textile sorting at Gebetex Tri Normandie

Presentation of our company in a few words

Gebetex Tri Normandie is a textile sorting centre located in Vernon, in the Normandy region. We sort and process more than 4,000 tons of textiles per year, including clothing, leather goods and shoes. The sorted textile, depending on its condition, will either be resold to professionals in the clothing industry (thrift shops, markets, online sales, etc.), or directed towards other sectors such as ragging or recycling to make fuel or be transformed into raw materials.

How is the sorting of textiles organised?

We have chosen to sort on sorting tables and not on sorting lines, but why? All the employees of our company are on “classic” permanent contracts. We can therefore plan training on a long-term basis with our employees. They are a guarantee of stability in the volume and quality of our production.

We think that it is more interesting for our employees to know how to sort all the products that we have in the original textile. Some companies choose to specialise their position by type of article, at Gebetex Tri Normandie we are betting that our employees will be able to combine quality and volume.

The training of sorters takes between 6 and 9 months. But once again, with permanent positions, it is quite possible to invest in the training of our staff over the long term.

At the first sorting, about thirty categories are made! Despite this high number, a sign of performance, the quality of our products from the first sorting is known and recognised by our customers. The top of the range is directed to a 2nd sorting table to be checked again to guarantee the best possible quality.

The GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE team is made up of conscientious, involved and interested men and women, which enables us to guarantee a production quality recognised by all textile markets.

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