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Sell clothes online

Whether you’ve always dreamed of going into online sales, whether the health situation forces you to do so, or whether it’s a bit of both, you want to sell second-hand clothes online through an e-commerce site! Gebetex Tri Normandie, can accompany you at different levels during your project. With more than 4,000 tonnes of textiles sorted per year, we can supply you all year round, depending on the season, with clothing for women, men and children.

Who are we?

Gebetex Tri Normandie is a sorting centre located in Normandy, in Vernon to be exact. We collect second-hand textiles (clothing, leather goods, shoes) that we sort. We revalue these products in different ways: resale to second-hand shops if the textile is in good condition, or go for recycling if it is not the case to make rags, or transform it into raw material to make insulation or fuel for example.

We deliver all over France our textiles to second-hand shops, from 100 kg to several tons.

The main steps for selling second-hand clothes online

1st step, create your website

Today, there are many “all-in-one” platforms that allow you to quickly get started in e-commerce. Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, … there is no lack of tools. If you need advice, ask a professional to accompany you in this area, who will give you the best practices and can create a tailor-made and unique site for you!

2nd step, getting supplies

Your site online, now you have to source and store the textile you are going to sell. Clothes, shoes or even leather goods, we can deliver the products and clothing you want to showcase. With a delivery starting from 100 Kg but up to several hundred kilos or even tons of goods, you will be able to find products from us without any problem to sell your second-hand clothes online. Stock orders or repairs, we will be there!

3rd step, communicate and sell

Your online site, your merchandise ordered, stocked and displayed on your web shop, it has to be about you! Make it known, make yourself known. Here again, there is no lack of tools: advertising, social networks, more traditional communication, a communication professional will also be able to help you in this step.

Do you want to sell second-hand clothes online? Stock up with Gebetex Tri Normandie!

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