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Wholesale children’s clothing

Gebetex Tri Normandie, a textile sorting centre in Normandy, offers you second-hand clothes and shoes for children and adults. With more than 4,000 tonnes of textiles processed and sorted by our teams each year, we offer you quality second-hand clothes. More than 20 employees, all with permanent contracts, trained and experienced in sorting, are responsible for sorting and selecting the best quality children’s clothing so that you can sell it in your second-hand store.

Delivery all over France from 100 Kg

We can supply you from 100 kg and up to several hundred kilos if necessary. We deliver to thrift stores all over France. Our shipments are all tracked and carefully prepared to offer you a quality delivery service!

A wide range of clothes for boys and girls

We can supply your thrift store with children’s clothing and shoes for different seasons: summer, winter, with adapted clothing such as jackets, jumpers, shorts, trainers, sandals, t-shirts, … The clothes we sell are of impeccable quality. Those that are stained, have holes or are in poor condition will be directed to our recycling channel and will be used as insulation or raw materials, for example.

Our sales team is at your disposal to study all your requests and needs in children’s clothing but also in adult, women’s and men’s clothing. We also offer a range of second-hand leather goods: bags, purses, handbags, …. and household linen: bed linen, towels, table linen, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us using this form for all your requests.


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